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Does your lawn seem like it’s not growing, regardless of how often you feed and water it? A thick layer of thatch could be your problem.

Over time, pieces of grass on your lawn die and gather just above the soil, creating a layer called thatch. A small amount of thatch is beneficial to your lawn, providing organic materials that allow your lawn to grow thick and green. An excessive amount of thatch can be a problem, forming a barrier and preventing air and water from reaching grass where it needs it most.

How can I tell if my lawn is over compacted by thatch?

  • If you can’t easily insert a screwdriver into your lawn then your soil is over compacted, the layer of thatch may feel spongy when you walk on it.

How does dethatching work?

Di Sandro Landscape Group will remove the thick layer of decaying lawn to better allow air, water, fertilizer, and other nutrients to reach the soil. Your lawn will look better and drain more effectively, leaving you with a lawn your neighbors will envy.

Dethatching Bucks And The Surrounding Counties

We are proud to offer professional dethatching services in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Our experts have years of experience in dethatching lawns and can help transform the look of your property.

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