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Storm Water Drainage

If your yard floods frequently, you may have a grading or draining issue on your property. Proper drainage and grading are paramount in rainy climates, but even in the Northeastern hemisphere with mild amounts of rain, proper grading in a yard can prevent major damage caused by draining towards the foundation of a building.

DiSandro Landscape is proud to offer grading and drainage services to residential and commercial properties in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Our experience and vast resources allow us to remove even the most stubborn of uneven slopes or turfs. We will re-grade any construction areas, refreshing and renewing the look of your property.

Types of Drainage Systems

  • Grassy Swale. A patch of lawn graded to direct water away from a structure.
  • Bog Life. Incorporating plants well-adapted to bog-like conditions can create a drainage solution for areas with small amounts of excess water.
  • French Drain. A perforated pipe is wrapped in filter fabric and surrounded by gravel to direct water to a drain as opposed to dispersing it throughout the landscape.

Water Puddles & Run-Off

Water puddles or run-off problems can also be discussed in getting that proper pitch right. If required, our installation team can prepare drains to help transfer unwanted water that puddles during heavy rain.

Eliminate flooding issues in your yard. Contact DiSandro Landscape Group today to learn more about our grading and drainage services.

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