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Snow & Ice


In addition to our  landscape design and installation services, Di Sandro Landscape Group is proud to offer commercial businesses, home owners associations, and corporate centers of Bucks and the surrounding counties our premium snow and ice removal services. Whether a harsh winter storm leaves your property covered in inches of snow or it’s a sleek layer of ice, we’ll be there to help you out.

Fully Staffed And Insured

Keep your peace of mind with Di Sandro Landscape Group. We are a fully insured snow removal and ice management company. We offer seasonal contracts that keep you covered on all aspects winter storms. All contract agreements include pre-storm treatment, snow and ice removal, and next day follow up ice checks in order to keep your property safe.

Effective Snow Removal

Get rid of snow worries with state-of-the art equipment and methods, helping you stay one step ahead. We pre-treat sidewalks for maximum protection against the weather elements, apply rock salt to your parking lots – all without compromising safety or efficiency. Get certified weather reports from Weather Works so you have accurate forecasts before any storm hits!

An Immediate Solution

For businesses, communities and organizations looking to ensure safe navigation through winter weather hazards, look no further than our snow and ice removal service. Our expert teams are mobilized quickly to provide efficient solutions that help keep sidewalks cleared of hazardous obstacles, parking lots free from piled-up slushy messes and fire hydrants accessible for emergency responders – all essential services for protecting you or your members against the harsh elements of winter!

Quality Commercial Care

As a business, we understand how frustrating it can be when faced with inclement weather, which is why we are available to commercial properties including HOAs and Corporate Centers for ice and snow removal.



For more information on our snow and ice removal services, or for emergency snow removal, please call us now at 215-953-1935. We are also available for initial consultations so we can learn the ins and outs of your property before a storm hits, in order to create a highly effective ice and snow management plan.

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Trust Di Sandro Landscape Group to keep all of your pathways, sidewalks and driveways clear this winter season so that you, your employees, and your clients stay safe.
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