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Plant Health Care By
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Plant health care is an essential part of maintaining a beautiful and healthy yard. Without proper plant care, plants are more susceptible to disease, pests, and environmental damage which can result in reduced growth, wilting, and even death. Prompt identification and treatment of these issues can often save the plants from further damage and encourage optimal growth. Regular fertilizing will help to make sure that the plants have all the nutrients they need to thrive. Monitoring for pest damage or potential diseases is also important as it helps to catch them before they spread beyond one plant. With our plant health care techniques in place, homeowners can admire their green spaces with confidence knowing that their gardens are well maintained.

Turf & Tree Care

Di Sandro Landscape Group provides complete care for your turf and trees. Our certified team of professionals have the experience, knowledge, and dedication to maintain and promote the healthy growing conditions your property needs.

With our Lawn Care Program, we will manage your lawn to assure it stays green and weed free throughout the spring, summer, and fall months. Our certified applicators are trained not only to maintain your lawn, but provide you with the proper defense against disease, grubs, insect control.

Don’t forget that our Tree and Shrub program is specifically designed to maximize the proper health and growth for your trees and shrubbery. Applications will begin in the spring and continue through the fall season. This program will include root feeding, contact spraying, and drench applications if needed. With new state of the art equipment, our services will be applied accurately and effectively to keep your property appealing all season long.

Tree & Shrub Analysis

We offer a comprehensive tree and shrub analysis that serves as a valuable asset to property owners. Our detailed analysis puts an emphasis on the particular landscape needs of your home or business, taking your property’s soil conditions, exposure, irrigation availability, and other relevant factors into account. With this complete assessment, you can make an informed decision regarding preventative care and pest/disease management while keeping line items in your budget under control. Our team of experienced professionals matches plant placement to maximize success for any scale project and leverages their knowledge of regional climates to recommend only the hardiest trees and shrubs for long-term growth integrity. Take advantage of our thorough tree and shrub analysis today to give yourself peace of mind about the longevity of your landscape plans!

Horticultural Services

Di Sandro Landscape Group is proud to have over two decades of experience in providing horticultural services throughout Bucks and the surrounding counties of south-eastern Pennsylvania. Our professionally trained staff are well-versed in the climate and conditions specific to this region, so you can be sure your landscape will look its best for years to come! All our efforts focus on improving plant health including growth rates and resistance against environmental stresses from pests or disease. With services such as planting, soil management, design & construction plus ongoing maintenance; we guarantee an amazing flower bed or garden tailored specifically for you that looks just like a masterpiece straight out of Nature’s canvas!

Your property will be evaluated seasonally to assure your lawn, trees, and shrubs stay healthy and appealing.


To keep your lawn green, growing, and looking its best, a consistent program of fertilization is essential. Regular fertilization will lead to a thicker, healthier lawn that reduces erosion, filters pollutants, provides natural cooling, and cleans the air. Plus, your lawn will be less likely to suffer from weed, insect, and disease problems when it’s fertilized on a regular basis. And perhaps best of all, your lawn will need less water when it gets the nutrients it needs throughout the year. 

Based on our local history, we now the best fertilizer for your particular needs, and we can apply it in the right amounts at the right times of year to ensure beautiful, healthy growth. Call us today for more information on our fertilization program, or to schedule your lawn for this very important service.

Core Aeration

Ready for a lush, green lawn? Core aeration and overseeding use a premium blend grass seed in early Fall to repair bald patches before the colder months set in. Act now – this time sensitive service will give you that enviable garden your neighbors are sure to admire!


Overseeding is a great way to keep your lawn looking lush, thick, and healthy all year-round. Our aeration services will help create the ideal environment for grass seeds to germinate and grow. Overseeding after aeration allows the seeded grasses to thrive in the aerated soil which provides a robust and full lawn. After aeration is also the perfect time to fill in any bare or thinned-out areas with fresh grass seed. 

When it comes to overseeding, we have become the go-to lawn care company due to our combination of technology and expertise. This allows us to provide an effective overseeding solution tailored specifically for each customer’s property. Our team take into account soil conditions, proper mowing height, turfgrass type based on amount of sunlight, water needs, and much. Choose Di Sandro to ensure that your lawn will continue looking its best for years to come.

Weed Control
& Crab Grass Removal

Weeds are more than the bane of a homeowner’s existence, wreaking havoc on your lawn and landscape. From annoying broadleaf weeds to destructive crabgrass, these pesky plants have no bounds—not even hardscaping elements such as sidewalks or driveways! Ignoring them can carry costly consequences when it comes time for landscape maintenance and repairs down the line.

Insect & Disease Control

Nobody understands how important it is to keep your lawn, garden, and landscape healthy than our hardworking team at Di Sandro Landscape Group. Keeping your property free from pests and diseases can be a challenge for many homeowners, but with our proper insect and disease control program, not only will you be enjoying the beauty of thriving foliage, flowers, and plants but you’ll also be eliminating problems that could arise from pests or diseases that are left unchecked. We employ professional technicians that use safe and effective techniques to reduce pest numbers and destroy any disease-carrying organisms so that you can have peace of mind knowing your property is in good shape. Let us handle your insect and disease control needs so you can spend more time admiring the result. A beautiful landscape!





Deer Repellent
& Control Services

Don’t let deer ruin your landscape! At Di Sandro Landscape Group we offer an environmentally friendly solution to protect your trees and shrubs from foraging damage. Our professional-grade treatments create a protective coating on vulnerable plants that effectively keep out any grazing trespassers, all year round. Get in touch with us today about our winter or summer repellent services – we’ll even provide you with a free quote so you can devise the best possible plan of defense against those pesky pests!

Our meticulous pruning services not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your foliage but also promise a boon to their health and longevity. Entrust your trees and shrubs to the practiced hands of our skilled arborists, each brandishing the dual swords of advanced horticultural knowledge and seasoned precision. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of your landscape, ensuring that every cut is a step towards the flourishing splendor of your green sanctuary.

Lime Lawn Treatment By
Di Sandro Landscape Group

Keep your grass, plants and trees healthy by making sure they have the right soil pH balance. Our experts at Di Sandro Landscape Group can help you do this with our lime treatments that combat acidity in the soil–just what a happy lawn needs! Our employees are licensed professionals who’ve been trusted for two decades to make expert-level recommendations on which type of treatment is best suited to meet each specific layout’s requirements—whether it be calcitic or dolomitic lime. Too much or too little liming could cause more damage than good so let us lend our expertise today; contact us now!

7 Step Turf Application Program

If you’re looking to revitalize your turf and make it look spectacular, then we have the answer! Our innovative 7-step turf application process is designed to bring life back into your lawn no matter what state it’s in. With years of industry experience, our team knows exactly how to treat and nourish your grass so that it reaches its full potential. The process includes top-of-the-line products such as premium fertilizers and weed controls that will ensure a safe work environment for both your family members and pets. It also includes specialized treatments for weeds, pests, diseases and more. With this comprehensive program you can be confident that the turf of your dreams is only a few steps away. Don’t just settle for mediocre, upgrade your lawn today with our extensive turf application!

Early Spring

Granular Fertilizer, Pre-Emergent Weed / Crabgrass Control

Late Spring

Liquid Pre-Emergent Broadleaf Weed Control

Early Summer

Grub / Insect Control

Early Summer

Slow-release Fertilizer with Iron, Post-Emergent Weed Control 

Late Summer

Solu-Cal pellet Lime Application

Early Fall

Granular Fertilizer, Broadleaf Weed Control

Late Fall

Granular Dormant Fertilizer

*Optional additional services: Fungus Control, Deer Off, Flea and Tick, Mosquito. Please call for pricing

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