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Tree & Shrub Care By Di Sandro Landscape Group

Your trees and shrubs represent a growing investment that’s worth protecting. Our program of scheduled inspections and treatment helps to keep all of your ornamentals healthy and in top growing condition.

Professional experts for healthier trees and shrubs

Investing in professional tree and shrub care is an essential step towards achieving healthier and more vibrant foliage on any property. With the help of expert arborists, you can ensure that your trees and shrubs receive the necessary care to thrive and remain strong for years to come. Professional tree and shrub care is more than just pruning and trimming. It involves a comprehensive approach that includes assessing the health of the trees and shrubs, identifying any pests or diseases, and developing a tailored treatment plan. Trusting in caring for your green assets to the professionals will not only ensure the longevity of your trees and shrubs but also bring a sense of ease and peace of mind knowing that your landscape is in good hands.

Insect & Disease Control

There are hundreds of insects and diseases that can attack and infest your landscape. Our trained and licensed staff can identify and control these problems before severe damage or plant loss occurs.

Custom Programs Designed For The Unique Needs of Your Property

Each landscape is different, and we can provide either standard or customized programs to fit virtually any property. Our plan of protection can include insect management, disease management, and dormant applications. We can also combine these pest management services with property times and applied fertilization.

Expert Protection For Your Landscape Investment

We understand and appreciate the value of your landscape investment. Call on us for a comprehensive evaluation and program recomendation.

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