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Pet-Friendly Landscape Applications by Di Sandro Landscape Group

Di Sandro Landscape is mindful of those families in Bucks and Montgomery Counties with pets. Whether you have dogs or cats that roam around your property, we offer pet-friendly applications that keep your pet safe from harm without sacrificing a beautiful landscape.


Pet-Friendly Applications

  • Hardscape or Turf? Because our pets use our yards as their play space, we often recommend a proper landscape design as a solution for a beautiful yard that is safe for your pets. From mulch to pavers and landscape gravel, Di Sandro Landscape can create a layout of hardscaping that beautifies your yard and stands up to the general wear-and-tear of owning a dog.

  • Pet-safe plants. Certain plant varieties are dangerous to dogs and cats. Di Sandro Landscape Group will make sure all the plants and grasses used in your landscape are un-harmful and strong enough to stand up to the damage pets can cause.

  • Boundaries. Whether you want to create a designated play area for your pup or you want to protect your garden from destruction, Di Sandro Landscape Group can create a yard layout that works for you and your pet.
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    For more information on protecting and educating yourself on the common backyard dangers visit, StayDog.


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