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Over Seeding

Over Seeding by Di Sandro Landscape Group

From unpredictable weather patterns to kids and pets, your lawn can take a beating. A lack of water, excessive heat, and general wear and tear can make your lawn worn and thin, creating an unsightly yard that decreases your property value. If your lawn is looking a little worse for ware, DiSandro Landscape can fill in the bare spots and patches by over seeding your lawn.

Benefits of Over Seeding Your Lawn

  • Revive thin, worn lawns
  • Fill in patches and bare spots
  • Thickens the lawn to crowd out weeds
  • Improves lawn’s tolerance to heat and drought

DiSandro Landscape is proud to offer professional over seeding services in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. We have years of experience in transforming patchy lawns into lush landscapes. No matter what problems your lawn is suffering from, DiSandro Landscaping can help you fill in your thin, worn down lawn.

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