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Grass Seed & Sod Services With Di Sandro Landscape Group

Producing a beautifully manicured landscape is a hard job. All of the elements have to work in tandem to create a stunningly lush lawn all of your neighbors will envy, from the amount of watering it receives each day to the type of feed used. Because such a careful balance is required, seeding or sodding your landscape is a job best left to the professionals.

Di Sandro Landscape is proud to offer expert seeding and sodding services in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. We have years of experience in transforming patchy lawns into beautiful landscapes. Whether you want sod or you would prefer to grow it naturally from scratch, Di Sandro Landscape can help you choose the option that’s right for you.

Why Do I need Seed & Sod?

Seeding or sodding your lawn offers a number of advantages to you as a residential or commercial property owner. We start by analyzing your soil to determine if it is at par for promoting growth for your turf. Sodding allows you to revive those areas of your property that are prone to erosion, rapidly establishing lush grass while simultaneously eliminating weeds. All of our sod installations are neatly trimmed to provide the perfect fit in getting that instant lawn. If sod is not in your budget, no need to worry. Seeding is an affordable option that can transform the look and feel of your landscape.

Di Sandro Landscape is also proud to provide hydro-seeding treatments, a process allows us to cover a large area of land quickly and effectively. The seed that we spray contains fertilizer and blankets the entire landscape, which means grass will grow faster than normal seeding and is ideal for commercial applications.

No matter which route you take, Di Sandro Landscape can help you create a picturesque lawn with the option that’s right for you. Contact Di Sandro Landscape Group today to learn more about our seeding and sodding services.


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