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Diease & Insect Control Services by Di Sandro Landscape Group

There’s nothing worse than looking outside to find the landscape you worked so hard to maintain has been overrun by pests or disease. That is why we offer comprehensive Disease and Insect Control Services for your property. You may think you’ll have to wait until next season to start with fresh plants and greenery, but Di Sandro Landscape Group can help you stop the spread of disease or insects in your yard and reclaim its former beauty.

Don't Let Your Lawn Be Ruined From Treatable Diseases

Lawn diseases are often caused by a variety of fungi native to your area and can lead to things like brown patches, shredded or shriveled blades of grass, and a lack of growth. These symptoms can also be brought on by lawn pests like ticks, fire ants, and grubs. Di Sandro Landscape Group is proud to offer expert disease and insect control services in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Our experts have years of experience with a variety of landscaping disease and pest control and are ready to help you tackle your problem, whatever it may be. We’ll assess the damage to your lawn, flowerbeds, or landscape, then create an action plan with the solution that’s right for you. We offer seasonal packages for turf care, insect control, and tree / shrub care.

Stop the things that can harm your lawn. Contact Di Sandro Landscape Group today to learn more about our disease and pest control services.

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